Monday, August 21, 2006

Dear Reader,

I want to start off this entry as a fresh start to this blog. I am sorry to have neglected you but this weekend we turned a corner, collecting in over £2.5K in sales on suits and completing what is probably the world's greatest tailor portal. Big suits, tall suits, suits with extra trousers and suits with crazy linings. Word is getting around and London is getting hot for what we are producing.

one styling issue: I'd like your opinion on this photo, I reckon it is a perfect lifestyle photo for our suits...ruffled hair and a piercing stare.

The casino is coming together, not in the way we originally thought, and you probably all knew we were a little naive to think that we would be getting a world beating casino up and live within 6 months. Not an afterthought, but it all ties into the suits. All will be revealed.

As a taste of things to come next week, after talking to our marketing gurus, we are planning a suit walk around London. Not an ordinary walk of course, apparently only nudity and celebrity turns heads these days. We can certainly do one of these, and you heard it here first.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hmm... The Innovator hasn't written a blog in a while ay? WRONG. The last blog i wrote was taken off by Viz as it wasn't formal enough, and didn't show us in the right light. I hope you know that however laid back my blogs are, the whole thing is serious.

Let me make one thing clear. There are 2 reasons why i am doing what i am doing.

1. To make a profitable business empire.
2. To have fun doing it. Eventually i want to pluck lots of clever people from their jobs, let them innovate, make money and have fun... we only live once.

I am hoping that Viz can provide the serious business-like blogs. Personally, i like to look back at my own blogs and smile.

So in the spirit of that... Check this out. This is a picture of our first delivered suit. The good news is, it was delivered early, the other good news is that he got good value. £110 a suit... blimey:

I am just hoping that we didn't mistake his centimetre measurements for inches..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"When opportunity knocks, the entrepreneur is always at home"
-MAW, July 2006

It is quite a rare thing to come up with one world beating idea (at least in our heads anyway!), but to have the luxury of having to choose between two is quite another. The problem that we have at the moment is that is proving to be quite a good idea, and as such is taking up rather a lot of time. With the help of two of our most dedicated members of staff and on the recommendation of our most regular visitors to the site (thanks mum!), we have changed it quite a bit.

Unfortunately we still can't afford to hire real models so we had to go for a budget version, but we aim to inject some variety by putting more of our staff up onto the site in their made-to-measure hand-tailored super stylish suits for £110 as they get haircuts and become more of the few drawbacks to having a sales force composed entirely of students is the surfer-dude style wafros prevalent in the 80's.

The casino is continually moving towards going live, the only problem is that the our project manager has become addicted to the first can I stop him when he says he is beta-testing?

I also promise to keep this blog up-to-date, The innovator needs to do a bit of work I think!

Monday, June 12, 2006

We haven't quite covered everything that happened in the past..... but with everything that is going on we have decided to concentrate on the here and now.

Missing out:

• Office taking shape - Summary: Amazing coffee machine, but time has told us that donated computers are sometimes not all good...!

• Staff - Summary: Quite a few staff now, both full and part time...they even know the idea! All work hard, look at the football pages and read the blog. We realise how lucky we are to have so many people backing our ideas and willing to get involved. As with most companies, we have a room full of bunk beds for our unpaid employees to sleep on. Vis will elaborate on this next time.

Latest news: in order to get these poor people paid, we have started a Suiting website.

We offer only the finest quality cashmere wool suits at £110. Those of you who know how much of a connoisseurthe Visionary is will know that the suits have to be good.

Click on the bespoke suit link on the right to "donate" to our cause.... oh and you'll get a fantastic, made-to-measure suit!

The casino is taking shape too. We had our first glimpse at something functional this morning, and you guys are going to love it...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

"The heights of great men were not attained in sudden flight, But while others slept, they toiled upwards through the night."

- Mavy, 25th May 2006

In the spirit of going into businesses that we know very little about, last night we finished the new suiting website. £90 hand-tailored suits for everyone! The quote above was inspired by the dark windows of a dormant UBS opposite as Mavy searched for quotes that he could string together as his own.

The Innovator and I told the permanent members of staff the idea this week, they are still working for free. Enough said I think.

Back to pick up the story where we left off: a trip to Malta to meet the gambling regulators.

Out of the airport and into the oldest taxi we could find. Even had a wooden steering wheel.

Lino was the taxi driver's name, and with a tipex'd business card to match the car, he instantly became our friend. Always there when we wanted to leave, and also when we didn't. We like to imagine that it was because he was just so captivated by our stories of taking over the gambling world, but he probably just wanted to practice his English...anyway, you have his number now, it'll save you a queue at the airport.

Lino became our guide to this idilic island, ferrying us from the boardroom of our friendly accountants... the Lotteries and Gaming Authority. It was here that we faced our toughest challenge so far in terms of convincing anyone. Extremely nervous and voices quavering like little girls in front on Take That we presented our idea to the head of the Maltese Gaming Commission. After initially saying that it was impossible, Mario eventually conceeded that it was a pretty good idea, and he has seen everything. He finally encouraged us to continue in our quest to mount what we hope will become the biggest gaming phenomenon since hopscotch.


Lino also took us to the old town to relax over the weekend, unfortunately, the innovator got stuck whilst playing around with some of the playground equipment. I may have parachuted our office keys into danger, but at least the engineering degree came in handy in removing the Innovator from this mess.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Great to hear so many of you asking when we are going live. There was a slight hold up in the official procedures. Apparently our business plan impressed the Maltese licensing official reading it so much that he had a heart-attack! Luckily, he's out of hospital now and has given us the green light to continue to phase two. So, no definite launch date yet, but we are planning to go live in late June. We'll let you know the official date here first, so watch this space.

Check out the new column on the right from the King of Chat. It is his blog all about 'selling an unknown product', and his own unique backstage account of our activities here at one sun street.

Another new full time staff member … I understand him about as well as the old guy in the armchair on the fast show…so we’ll call him Taz. Looks like we'll be running at capacity in the barrack hotel over the summer.

As the Innovator mentioned, we had a conference

No ordinary conference, but a chance for Stelios, the owner of Easyjet, to meet us. I also took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his orange boiler-suited troops and the way they captured the hearts and wallets of a nation.

Look out for us and the barrack boys in our boiler suits on Trafalgar square this summer, around August I reckon. The colour? Pink, of course!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hello everybody.... Long time no speak (sorry about that). The truth is that we have all been busy trying to sell stuff while waiting for the software company to do their business. Markets every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We'll cut you a good bargain if you mention the blog.

Still on the catch up..

We needed to visit Malta to convince our accountant and regulator that our new type of casino was viable. But first, we had to convince them that we were viable. First problem - Its 5.30pm , we have a flight the next day, a conference in the evening and nothing to show that there is any sort of credibility behind our company - apart from a company number.

Hmmm... Thank heavens for PC World, which sells photo printers and Business card paper.

We now had the peace of mind to go to our conference, have a few glasses of wine and come back to design and print them.

Conference (The Visionary will talk about)

It didn't take us long to settle on a question mark for the logo, and a nice red colour background like the one above. Professional looking business cards. 1am finish, 6am taxi to the airport... lovely.